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Mahoney Performance Institute's Personal Leadership ProgramMahoney Performance Institute's Personal Leadership Program

Four Things to Know Before Enrolling in Our Personal Leadership Program

Professional development looks different for everyone. At Mahoney Performance Institute, we recognize this and are here to help find the best growth solution for you. Whether that includes joining a Peer Group, working with our practitioners in a one-on-one coaching setting, or participating in our training programs, we’re here to share our expertise and work with you to create your custom plan for success.

Knowing all of your options will help you decide the best fit for you. Learn more about our Personal Leadership program below and get in touch if this sounds like a solution for you or your team.

Who is Personal Leadership for?

Our Personal Leadership program is designed for new employees, whether they’re new to working in business or to your organization. It is also valuable for individual contributors who play an important role as an expert in your organization, but don’t have a full team to collaborate with or are outside of the business’ main flow. The Personal Leadership program can also serve as a boost for promising talent – people in your organization who show signs of leadership and are on track to transition from individual contributor to manager.

What is the curriculum like?

In our Personal Leadership program, participants learn how to:

  • Make sustained, significant contribution to their organization
  • Set personal goals and create a focused plan to achieve them
  • Be a true professional
  • Understand the language of business to understand what leaders are talking about
  • Build great business relationships internally and externally
  • Use communication styles to adapt their approach to influence others and work well together

Where is Personal Leadership offered?

When it comes to enrolling, there are a variety of participation options that are dependent on your organization and preferences. We offer our Personal Leadership program in the following two settings:

Public Personal Leadership Program

Our pubic programs are designed for small organizations who may not have a whole team to send through training together. Public programs are also a great option for larger organizations who have already sent a team through training together but have a new hire that they’d like to bring up-to-speed.

Our public Personal Leadership program brings together a small handful of people from a variety of organizations. We offer our public programs in the fall and spring. Our public Personal Leadership program is offered online, as a self-study program with live, group check-ins with MPI instructors. This allows participants to work through the program modules on their own and use the live check-ins to connect with other participants and MPI practitioners, ask questions and learn more about the lessons in the modules they completed.

Private Personal Leadership Program

Our private program options are designed for organizations who have groups of employees that they’d like to participate in training together. We cover the same material in our public and private trainings – the only difference is that in private training, participants learn alongside their colleagues. Like our public offerings, private training can be offered as a self-study program with live check-ins (as explained above) or facilitated by an MPI instructor in-person or live-online. Private trainings can be scheduled at your convenience.

How our Personal Leadership program came to be

All of our core programs (Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Organizational Leadership) were created to solve the problems expressed by our clients.

We heard time and time again that the process of bringing employees up-to-speed can take far too long if they’re just learning as they go. Though for most organizations, there isn’t enough internal time and resources to teach employees how to become productive contributors, sooner.

That’s why we created our Personal Leadership program — to help their new employees and promising talent get a jumpstart and understand what it takes to make sustained contributions to their organization.

Interested in learning more about our Personal Leadership program? Get in touch today – we’re here to answer your questions.


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