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Team Leadership - April 19, 2018
Personal Leadership - May 30 & 31, 2018


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Sharpen your strategy & personal effectiveness, build your leadership team, drive your vision & culture throughout the organization.

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The Business Leaders mission is to promote the overall prosperity, growth and success of individuals, businesses and organizations throughout New York’s Capital Region.  Each month, Business Leaders will feature C-Level performance leaders from the business, government or non-profit sectors who will share lessons, tools and insights that have made them successful.

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Featured Contributor Article

Great leadership and timing propel nfrastructure’s fast and sustained growth

CEO Dan Pickett has built nfrastructure from a small family startup to a Capital Region powerhouse – employing over 340 people. The company dnfrastructure helps large enterprises across North America to design, build and operate mission-critical technology infrastructure. ...Read More →

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