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    Andy Heck

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Performance Programs

Sharpen your strategy & personal effectiveness, build your leadership team, drive your vision & culture throughout the organization.

Performance Leadership Forum

About the Forum

The MPI Forum’s mission is to promote the overall prosperity, growth and success of individuals, businesses and organizations throughout New York’s Capital Region.  Each month, MPI founder Shaun Mahoney will welcome a featured C-Level performance leader from the business, government or non-profit sectors who will share lessons, tools and insights that have made them successful.

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Featured Contributor Article

The Business of Setting Goals

Each year, each month, each day, employers and employees around the world are busy setting goals. While setting them can be fairly straight forward, the success rate of achieving them can be very low. I learned many years ago that by becoming a student of goal setting and working on my achievements, not only did I reach them but I kept getting better at the actual process. I work with my ...Read More →

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