Training Programs

Educating for Success

Organizational success depends on the talent of your employees, especially your managers.  MPI offers a continuum of integrated learning activities that prepare current and future managers and leaders to be confident and competent, driving high performance.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a cost effective way to develop your managers, giving them the shared foundational knowledge and skills that instills the confidence and competence to drive performance.  The LDP offers training courses to establish that foundation, educational roundtables to reinforce applying that knowledge and skills, and workshops to explore special strategic topics.  Managers who participate in LDP learning activities share a language of management and best practices for planning, decision-making, goal setting, and leading others to work collaboratively.  By improving the knowledge and skills of managers and leaders at all levels in the organization, you improve your whole organization.

Public Training Courses

The training courses offered as part of the LDP provide a continuum of learning experiences for different levels of management and leadership in an organization.  These courses and the rest of the LDP create organizational energy and excitement, while providing a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent.

Senior Manager

New Manager

New Employee

Women Leading Today

How to Participate

With Your Team

MPI’s leadership training courses are available at your site to meet the dynamic and customized needs of your organization.  Participants improve their confidence and competence as managers and leaders in a more exclusive environment that establishes collaboration and a common language with peers from your organization.

With Other Companies

MPI’s leadership training courses happen twice a year at a public venue and are open to any organization or manager looking to improve their confidence and competence as managers and leaders.  Participants receive a rich learning experience with peers from other organizations.

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