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Recent studies show that the average time a leader spends in their role before they receive any type of formal leadership development training is 10 years.  Too often it’s assumed that high performers will figure it out on their own, but they rarely do this well.  

MPI’s hybrid-online leadership programs can help you and your organization avoid this dreadful statistic and provide your leaders effective tools and best practices to serve their teams, your organization and themselves better 


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Get your team speaking the same language

Program Options for Leaders at Every Level

Our hybrid-online leadership programs act as a refresher for some, and a roadmap for those who have not gone through formal training before.

Personal Leadership Program

Help your new employees and promising talent get a jumpstart and understand what it takes to make sustained contributions to your organization.

Team Leadership Program

Empower your managers to meet and exceed expectations in their new role, effectively communicate with their team and colleagues, and drive team execution.

Organizational Leadership Program

Curriculum designed to teach your senior managers learn how to create game-changing strategy, a scalable culture and lead for organizational success.

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“I feel that Mahoney Performance Institute has figured out how to deliver their programs virtually. Our training was excellent – everyone was prepared, it was excellently run and it was very successful.”

—Amanda Wohlleber


Common Questions

What is an MPI leadership program?

All of our core programs (Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Organizational Leadership) were created to solve problems expressed by our clients. Our leadership programs are an opportunity for personal and professional development, to get your leaders speaking the same language.

What's the difference between public and private programs?
Public Programs
Our public programs are designed for small organizations that may not have a whole group to send through a training together. Public programs are also a great option for larger organizations that have already sent a group through training together but have a new hire that they’d like to bring up-to-speed. 
Our public programs bring together a handful of people from a variety of organizations. The benefit here is that participants are able to connect with and learn from other leaders outside of their organization. 
We are offering our public programs in the winter and fall of 2022. 
Private Programs 
Our private program options are designed for organizations that have groups of employees that they’d like to participate in training together.
We cover the same material in our public and private trainings – the only difference is that in private training, participants learn alongside their colleagues. Private trainings can be offered in the same self-study design as our public programs, or they can be facilitated by an MPI instructor in-person or live-online (meaning there is no self-study component, you’re learning in live time).
Private trainings can be scheduled at your convenience. 
What is the learning format for public programs?

Our public leadership programs are delivered through a hybrid approach using a combination of self-study on our online platform, as well as live, virtual sessions throughout the participant’s time in the program. This enables participants to learn at their own pace, on their own time, but still get the benefit of connecting with others and the MPI team regularly. 

What can I expect as a result of enrolling my leaders?
Making an investment in your team’s professional development will provide you with returns that far surpass the investment. You can expect: 
  • Better distribution of workload, leading to increased organizational capacity 
  • Your leaders to share a common language of leadership leading to a stronger understanding of expectations 
  • Higher productivity with less effort as a result of better time management, communication and delegation skills 
What equipment is needed to participate online?

Participating in our online programs doesn’t require much – all that’s needed is an internet connection and a computer or device with a camera. We highly encourage participants to join us with their cameras on so it feels as close to being in-person as possible!

What does live-online mean?

“Live-online” means participants in our online programs learn through a combinatino of online modules, as well as live, online sesssions with the MPI team. During these live-online sessions, participants have the opportunity to ask questions and work through their challenges in real-time.


We use Zoom to conduct all live sessions. Participants recieve all meeting links upon registration.


Robust Content



Access a full library of videos and downloadable worksheets and tools at your fingertips. Participants have access to their program’s full library of content for one full year. This means that at any time after graduation you can go back and refresh what you’ve learned and rewatch the videos from the program.





Live, online sessions compliment participant’s self-study learning. These sessions throughout the program are an opportunity to connect with other participants and the MPI team, learn from others and ask questions.

Our online learning platform also includes a Discussion Forum for participants to connect between live sessions. This hybrid learning approach creates a true immersive experience to ensure a quality learning experience.




Tap into our experience so your leaders don’t have to learn by trial and error.

Join the 700+ program graduates who are now leading their team more efficiently and confidently. You can click here to learn what other leaders are saying about their experience in our leadership programs. 



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