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Executive Team Programs

Shaun Mahoney and his team provide programs to improve organizational performance by facilitating and guiding the efforts of your Executive Team.  These programs enable you to develop the strategy and create the culture for a winning organization.

Strategy Development

The Strategy Development Program (SDP) is a guided, year-round process where Mahoney Performance Institute works with your Executive Team to develop, communicate, and execute a 3 to 5 year growth strategy.  Having a decisive and well-communicated strategy will put your organization in an elite group, proactively controlling your own destiny in a whirlwind of change.  The strategy you develop and execute significantly improves your ability to outperform your competition and achieve success.

Create a Common Language:  We work with your Executive Team to create a common language for your strategy discussions.  This gets everyone on the same page and ultimately leads to operational efficiencies.

Think Strategically:  We work with your Executive Team to explore various perspectives on the business situation and then derive insights into strategic alternatives.  Perspectives that feed the process include the CEO, shareholders, customers, employees, financial, and the marketplace.  Strategic thinking takes you “out-of-the box” to find dramatic growth opportunities.

Decide on the Strategy:  We work with your Executive Team to define the organization’s ideal customer and winning proposition.  We help you develop a vision, a positioning statement, and. a mission for the next 3 to 5 years.  You will make strategic choices to identify key strategic building blocks that must be achieved to accomplish the chosen mission.

Align your Organization with the Strategy:  We work with your Executive Team to identify additions and adjustments to product offerings, processes, and organizational structure that align operations with the strategy.  Then, you will develop a high-level financial plan that reflects expected results of executing the strategy over the next 3 to 5 years.

Communicate the Strategy:  We work with your Executive Team to develop and carry out a plan for communicating the strategy to everyone in the organization.  This ensures that each person in the organization understands the strategy and how he or she will contribute to it.

Monitor your Execution:  With your strategy developed and communicated to everyone in the organization, the program continues to be an influence as you execute the strategy.  Tools and techniques are provided to the Executive Team, allowing them to conduct effective monthly accountability meetings.  In addition, we work with the Executive Team to conduct quarterly strategy review meetings where we review progress, explore strategic issues facing the organization, and drill down on critical elements of your strategy.

Culture Development

The Culture Development Program (CDP) is a year-round program with a collection of activities that help your organization discover, plan for, and operationalize your company’s organizational culture – the culture you need to reinforce successful execution of your business strategy.  The culture is developed through a series of meetings, in which MPI’s facilitator guides the CEO and Executive Team.

Discovery:  Initially, the MPI facilitator works with the CEO and Executive Team to reveal the current organizational culture and then facilitates an effort to define any adjustments needed to establish your desired culture.  This phase of the program results in clarifying the foundational components of organizational culture:

  • Core purpose:  Why we are working together; what we intend to achieve long-term
  • Core values:  How we behave and conduct ourselves
  • Shared beliefs:  Our philosophy for running the business
  • Value discipline:  Orientation of our approach to our marketplace (emphasizing one of these:  product innovation, operational excellence, customer intimacy)
  • Operating principles:  Specific, methodical and consistent set of durable practices for how to operate the business that lead to replicable success

Planning:  With the foundational components agreed upon, you need to operationalize them.  The MPI facilitator uses tools, template documents, and guided discussion to help the CEO and Executive Team plan for putting appropriate policies, systems, and practices in place throughout the organization that foster and sustain the desired culture.

Monitoring:  The plan for organizational culture needs to be communicated  and explained to everyone in the organization.  Rolling out the plan for culture development to the organization is the first step in tracking the execution of the plan.  For the balance of a year, MPI’s facilitator works with the Executive Team to monitor your culture as it changes and takes root.

Executive Team Summits

MPI’s performance programs for Executive Teams are typically conducted as private engagements.  A more affordable alternative is to participate in a strategy or culture development summit.  These summits combine large-group presentation of the guiding principles, tools, and templates to be used, with private breakout sessions with a MPI facilitator.  Your efforts in the breakout sessions are tailored to your organization like with a private engagement.

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