Inspiring Confidence

Regardless of the industry your business is part of, the speed of change is putting pressure on your organization to keep growing or to recover and get back to being a growth business.  If your business is not growing and transforming itself to adapt to constant and complex changes, then shortly you will be out of business.  The key to success is being proactive to control your own destiny.

Your confidence as a manager and leader for your company derives from taking decisive action and then seeing successful results.  The practical advice, educational foundation, and shared experiences acquired from using MPI’s programs put you in the position to be decisive with confidence.


CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching is a year-long program that provides the CEO, or top manager, in your company with ongoing, individualized attention from an experienced, successful CEO coach.  As the CEO or top manager in your organization, you have limited opportunity to discuss your concerns or try out new ideas for how to achieve new levels of performance.  Everyone else is coming to you with their concerns and their ideas and they just assume you have things figured out and will be their leader and adviser.

Your MPI coach will be your sounding board and confidential adviser, bringing extensive experience and expertise to bear on your concerns and ideas.  You start with an assessment stage where you and your MPI coach develop an Executive Development Plan.  With that plan in place, you and your coach meet monthly to review progress against the plan and to discuss current leadership and business improvement challenges.  This program provides guidance and advice giving you the confidence to transform your business and drive growth and high performance.


CEO Peer Advisory Forum

Meet regularly with your peers from other businesses in a confidential environment to learn how they are handling organizational performance issues.  Share your insights.  Build your educational foundation for staying confident and proactive as a leader in your pursuit of growth and high performance.  Discover best practices that you can implement back in your business and share what has worked for you.


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