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Great leadership and timing propel nfrastructure’s fast and sustained growth

CEO Dan Pickett has built nfrastructure from a small family startup to a Capital Region powerhouse – employing over 340 people. The company dnfrastructure helps large enterprises across North America to design, build and operate mission-critical te... Read More

Judy Cahee of SaxBST discusses the new environment for healthcare providers

Judy Cahee is the Tax Partner at SaxBST in Albany, NY. During her more than 20 years in accounting, Judy has successfully guided her clients through the many seas of change. Her particular expertise in healthcare puts her in an excellent position to ... Read More

How Tom Amell Merged 3 Rival Cultures

In 2007, Tom Amell was the Regional President of First Niagara.  At that time, the bank sought to consolidate its formidable presence in the Capital Region.  Over the previous 5-year period, First Niagara had completed the acquisition or merger of ... Read More

The Business of Setting Goals

Each year, each month, each day, employers and employees around the world are busy setting goals. While setting them can be fairly straight forward, the success rate of achieving them can be very low. I learned many years ago that by becoming a stude... Read More

Dr. John Bennett on why we exist

Dr. John Bennett, President and CEO of CDPHP, is one of the most recognizablebusiness leaders in the Capital Region. In this podcast, Shaun Mahoney talks with John about the keys to success and the legacy he contemplates.... Read More

Top Albany area companies turn to Angela McNerney to solve a key recruiting problem

Increasingly, Capital Region organizations look outside the area for top talent. In this video, Angela McNerney, Founder and CEO of Tech Valley Connect, explains the solution she found to a problem most recruiters don’t adequately address as a majo... Read More